Mill Creek

Canvas painting now available!

Canvas painting is no longer just a party option. 

Now anyone can paint a beautiful canvas any time and take it home the same day! Whether it’s art for your home, a heartfelt gift, something to brighten up a nursery, or just much needed art therapy, canvas painting is the perfect past time. 

We are offering three sizes of canvases: 8×10 $18 each, 12×12 $20 each and 20×24 $24 each. Because there is no need for glazing and firing, studio fees for canvas painting are only $4.00!

Canvas painting is perfect for all ages! Please keep in mind that acrylic paints are not food safe and do stain your clothes, so be sure to dress appropriately and supervise very young children. You can have a blank canvas and free paint your heart out, or ask us to print out a template and help you trace it on. We love having more creative options to offer you and we hope to see you soon!